Adam Stemple

2 Reviews

Adam is also known online as Hatfield13, and coaches each of the HORSE games, No-limit Hold’em, and Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low. Adam is a fine mental coach for all levels, and has written extensively on the mental game and tilt control for PokerXfactor where he is a an instructor. He offers lessons via Skype or live lessons if you are in Minnesota at $100 per hour. You can contact him at to reserve a lesson time.

Check out No Limits: the Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem, the book he wrote with Chris “Fox” Wallace.

Al Spath

5 Reviews

Al Spath is a contributor to Ante Up Magazine and is a former dean at Poker School Online. He teaches live in the Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey are or online via Skype for $100 per hour. He offers a free 30 minute intake lesson to determine what will work best for you before starting with lessons. You can contact him at

Alex Dickinson

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Specializing in online MTT and SNGs, Alex started out at the microstakes and managed to grind a $200 bankroll into six figures within a year in 2008.  His career profits are over 400k, and he has coached a number of players into pros. Alex’s coaching style generally involves hand history reviews using Skype and TeamViewer. $30/hr to start, with discounts for buying blocks of lessons. $9/hr to rail with skype/chat. Contact Alex by email at

Andres Pereyra

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Andres Pereyra, known as AndresSoprano online, is a well established tournament and sit and go player, and has been coaching for years with many successful students. He charges $150 per hour or $1,200 for a ten hour block of individual lessons, and has a group coaching session every week that typically last three to four hours and costs $150 to attend. Sessions are done with Skype and screen sharing software. You can contact Andres at for more information. To see his complete bio, check out his page at

Ben ‘gamb64′ Hayles

12 Reviews

Ben Hayles is the king of low-limit tournaments, both single and multi-table and accepts students in both disciplines. Ben offers a free 30 minute consultation and charges only $50 per hour, a steal for the quality coaching that Ben offers. If you are playing micro or low-limit tournaments, Ben is probably your guy until you move up to the higher buy-in levels. Ben offers coaching in German or English via Skype or by email, and as a former teacher he knows how to help his students learn quickly and efficiently. Check his TopShark Stats or look up gamb64 on PokerStars on Sharkscope to see an impressive results graph. Contact Ben and to schedule a free consultation.

Ben Warrington

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Ben has been making training videos for and working with students for two years. An online pro, Ben specializes in heads up and 6max play, and is very comfortable working with tournament players. Learn more about his services at

Bill Hubbard

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Bill Hubbard, who is based in Las Vegas, is a full time professional poker coach. He’s been coaching players at live no-limit Texas holdem for years (around 70 students) and is a well respected contributor in the 2+2 forum. A few of the strategies he teaches include: general NLH theory, pre-flop, bet sizing, 3 bet/follow through,  deepstack & set mining. Hourly coaching fees start at $120 and there is a money back guarantee for your first coaching session. You can contact Bill through his website

Bill Seymour

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68 year old Bill Seymour has been a poker coach for many years and a professional poker since the 70′s. Andy Bloch and John Little are counted among his many students from all over the world, and he can teach all aspects of many different games. Bill’s resume’ includes major tournament wins in Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud though he prefers mentoring to the grind of day to professional poker these days. Bill charges $200 per hour and teaches via Skype, telephone and live in Las Vegas. You can find out more about Bill’s coaching at

Bob Ciaffone (The Coach)

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The original poker coach, Bob Ciaffone was doing it before it was cool and still coaches as well as anyone. Author of a number of well respected books on the game, “The Coach” has helped students to win over three million dollars including a second place finish in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and his expertise is not surprising since he has been playing poker for 50 years. Bob can teach every game that you need to learn, and at $100 an hour his lessons are reasonably priced for a man with such an impressive resume’. Lessons can be done via email and over the phone, and Skype is a possibility as well. Contact Bob at for more information or to book a lesson time.

Brandon Jarrett

2 Reviews

Brandon Jarrett is an up-and-coming  live tournament player with over $200K in live tournament winnings, including 2 outright wins, and 8 Final Tables. Brandon’s tournament style  is very aggressive – he doesn’t min-cash!  All of his prize money is in the top tier and his techniques can get you there too.  Brandon’s online accomplishments include multiple wins in Full Tilt $24+2 MTT’s, which he believes they are the best value on the net.  Brandon was recently selected by Poker Pros Network as a Team Member and is represented by the Poker Player’s International Agency.  Contact him on Skype (tenbigblinds) or on his website – Brandon also offers heads up sit and go coaching.

Charley “PHMERC” Thomashower

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Charley “PHMERC” Thomashower is a professional heads up sit and go player and coach who has worked extensively with many of the best coaches in heads up poker and is a consummate student of the game. Charley offers coaching for $225 per hour or 10 hours for $2,000. Contact PHMERC today at

Chetna ‘Rex55′ Joshi

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Chetna Joshi plays as Rex5578 on PokerStars, writes a widely read blog at, and recently joined PokerXFactor as an instructor. Rex is a highly regarded tournament player, ranking as high as 15th on Full Tilt Poker and boasting over $700,000 in tournament winnings online. She was interviewed in Cardplayer Magazine recently after finishing 2nd in an FToPS Omaha 8 event. Chetna offers poker coaching via Skype, chat, or phone for $150 per hour and you can contact her at

Chris ‘Beanmo’ Mozingo

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Chris Mozingo, known online as Beanmo, has earned more than one million dollars from single table tournaments since 2004, and consistently ranks among the very best single table tournament players in the world on Sharkscope. If that’s not enough for you he also makes training videos for Sharkscope as well as PokerXFactor. Chris is an expert in late-stage ICM play and his teaching experience allows him to clearly articulate his ideas to his students. When you are done learning from Ben Hayles and Jennifear, Beanmo is the coach can take you the rest of the way to perfection. Lessons are $125 per hour with a two hour minimum and you can contact him for booking info at

Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace

4 Reviews

Fox is a jack of all trades in the poker world, writing for PocketFives and Poker Pro magazine as well as being the head cash game instructor at PokerXFactor and a member of the pro team at the Poker Pros Network. He has also recently published the book No Limits: The Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem. Fox teaches via Skype and in person in Minnesota, and charges $125 per hour for instruction on a large range of games including Texas Holdem, Omaha High-Low, Razz, HORSE, and can help with poker theory, cash games, tournaments or sit and go play. Contact Fox at

Check out No Limits: the Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem, the book he wrote with Adam Stemple.

Christian Bond

1 Review

An excellent low-limit tournament player, Christian has worked successfully with a number of students in the past and is ready to get his start in the world of coaching. He is also our most economical coach at just $20 per hour. We expect those prices to go up quickly as people discover a fine player and coach who can help them dominate online tournaments. Contact Christian at to schedule lessons in person in the Sacramento area, or via phone or AIM chat online. Poker
Sites Accepting US Players

Clint “LOSCHED16″ Losch

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Clint has played SNG tournaments from 6max up to 180 players for a portion of his living for a years online, and has recently begun taking students. He takes students at a rate of $50 per week and uses his degrees in economics and mathematics to help his students develop a complete understanding of the math involved in sit and go tournaments. You can contact Clint for more information or to book a lesson time at or on Skype as losched16.

Daniel James Warburton

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Daniel James Warburton is a MENTAL GAME COACH who specialises in helping MICRO-STAKES and BEGINNER Players progress.

Prices reflect this at just $30 per hour with the first hour free.

Poker players often have to deal with an unstable mind that may cause tilt and other problems at the table. This can seriously affect your game. As a Mental Game Coach, Daniel James Warburton is an expert in the area of resolving unconscious conflicts and reprogramming your mind to function better at the tables (saving you money and reducing your mistakes).

Educated in Psychology and as a Social Science Researcher up to a Masters level (BSc Psychology, MSc Research Methods). He has already helped many people become more aware of their mental game and make significant progress.

For more information or to book a 10 minute intro call followed by your free 1 hour, please contacting him using his website: or email

Dave ‘doubledave22′ D’ALesandro

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Dave began playing online poker in 2006 with freeroll tournaments and worked his way up through the lower stakes on Bodog. He improved quickly and before long he was branching out to other poker rooms and playing 45 man sit and gos and low-limit tournaments.  In 2008 he hit his first big score winning the Full Tilt $40k guarantee for his first five figure score, followed two weeks later with his first six figure score in FTOPS #10.

Dave continued to place consistently and in 2009 he took fourth place in the UBOC main event for $72,000. In an amazing two week stretch in the summer of 09′, D’Alesandro made nearly $60,000 by running deep in three different tournaments, but all those winnings would pale when he took down the UBOC 4 Championship for $279,000 in January of this year. Known for his aggressive style and ability to read his opponents, Dave continues to have consistent results and has now started teaching and making videos for PokerXFactor.

Dave uses Skype and Teamviewer in his lessons, where he teaches no-limit Holdem tournament play at all buy-in levels for $150 per hour ($125 for PokerXFactor subscribers) and offers a 10% discount for booking four or more sessions at once. Contact Dave at to book a time.

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker

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Dr. Schoonmaker is a highly regarded expert on tilt control. If you need a poker-playing psychologist to help you to cope with the ups and downs of our game without losing your mind (most of us do), then Al is the coach for you. He is the author of four books and over 100 articles on poker psychology. He coaches only on poker psychological subjects such as avoiding tilt, assessing yourself and the competition, developing your abilities, and coping with losing streaks. Dr. Schoonmaker charges $150 per hour, and you can contact him at

Ed Miller

1 Review

Ed is a respected twoplustwo author, and teaches both no-limit and fixed-limit holdem cash games. His site, Noted Poker Authority, has information on his coaching services. You can contact Ed at and he is currently offering a four hour package for $400, a significant discount from his normal rates. Ed works with students online as well as live, and the cost is well worth the chance to work with a great coach and knowledgeable player. His recent post about coaching is HERE.

Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch

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Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch is a premier live tournament player with over one million dollars in live tournament winnings, including three WSoP final tables and over three million in online tournaments. Eric is a strong cash game player as well, and coaches no-limit Hold’em cash games online. He is also a coach for PokerXFactor and writes a column every month in Bluff magazine. Available via Skype, chat or phone, you can contact Eric at for rates and times or learn more about him at Rizen is one our most recommended players for poker coaching services both online and live.


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Jennifear’s impressive sit-and-go tournament stats ,and her positive reviews from students, make her one of the best low and middle buy-in tournament coaches around. She carges $299 for a four hour session, all done over MSN chat and using Gotomeeting which allows her to watch your screen and/or allow you to watch her screen. Jennifear can teach sit-and-go tournaments from 6 to 180 players as well as low buy-in multi-table tournaments. She has also written for Blind Straddle and Poker Pro magazines and is a frequent contributor to Pocket Fives. You can contact Jennifear at and learn more about her coaching at

Lou Krieger

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Lou Krieger is one of the most prolific poker writers in the world, authoring 11 best selling books on the game as well as hundreds of articles both online and in print. Lou can help with almost any type of limit poker, including all of the Stud games as well as Omaha and Holdem. Fixed-limit Holdem in Live card rooms is one of Lou’s specialties, and his most well known books were written on beating lower limit Holdem games. Lou loves to deal with students face to face in the Palm Springs area, but can also work over Skype or on the phone. His rates are $130 per hour and you can contact him at

Mark Scellato (MScell)

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Mark Scellato is an instructor with PokerXFactor, and has been a full time online tournament pro for two years. A focus on a solid tournament game that works at any buy-in level has allowed him to help over 50 students to tournament success, and earned him a reputation as a fine poker coach. Mark charges $125 per hour for coaching via Skype or telephone, and you can contact him at Take a look at Mark’s $360,000 in tournament cashes on PokerStars -HERE-.

Matt AllInAt420 Stout

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In addition to being one of the most well known names in online poker, Matt Stout has been scoring big in live tournaments for years and has recently signed a deal as a pro for Lock Poker. Matt excels coaching tournament players, as well as coaching pot-limit Omaha, and does most of his sessions using Skype and TeamViewer. $150/hr to start, with discounts for buying blocks of lessons. Contact Matt at or visit his site at to read his bio and learn more about his coaching services.

Michael ‘swisstard’ Schurpf

1 Review

Michael Schurpf has won over a million dollars playing poker since getting started playing as ‘swisstard’ online in college. He takes students for no-limit holdem tournaments and multi-table sit and gos, using Skype to work with students in English, Spanish or German. Michael charge $150 per hour, and you can read about his coaching in detail on his poker coaching page.

Paul “Cog Dissonance” Collins

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Paul is a former high school teacher who now plays and teaches heads up sit and go tournaments for a living. He is perhaps the best known coach for these games professionally. He has developed two very popular courses that teach people how to become profitable at regular and turbo speed games as well as the hyper turbo husngs. Paul’s hourly rates are $100 per hour and he works via Skype and screen sharing. Contact Paul on Skype/AIM (cogdissonance1) or at

Robert ‘airedale05′ Brown

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Airedale05 has been studying multi-table tournament play seriously for four years, and had significant success right away, ranked in the top 99.91% of online tournament players in 2007, just the second year after he began to play online. Robert charges$50 per hour, and teaches multi-table no-limit holdem tournament strategy. For lessons via Skype, Airedale05 on Skype or
Airedale052000 at via email to learn more or schedule a lesson time.

Roberto Mercer

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“Coach Roberto” as many players in Las Vegas call him, has been playing poker for a living for over twenty years, changing and updating his game as the game has changed around him. For much of that time, he has also been coaching, and a number of Vegas pros credit Roberto with their success. Roberto doesn’t offer hourly coaching, choosing to offer one-day intensive courses and thirty and sixty day courses designed for the aspiring pro. Contact Roberto and read more about his coaching at

Ryan “gutshtallin” Welch

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Ryan Welch is a full time poker professional living in Las Vegas Nevada. He began playing MTTs in 2007 and worked his way up to the highest stakes offered online and live. He specializes in no limit MTTs and no limit cash games. Ryan is a 2010 WSOP Bracelet winner in the $3,000 NL Triple Chance event and he has over $3.5 million in online poker earnings. He currently does coaching thru Skype, Teamviewer, AIM etc. and he can teach no limit holdem tournament and cash play at all buy-in levels. His hourly rates depend on the number of hours booked. It starts at $400 hour for 4 hours or less. It drops to $350/hour if you book 5 hours or more in advance.  If you book beyond 10hours, he will work with you individually to find a price that best suits the situation. Please contact him via Twitter @gutshtallin or email him


Ryan ‘Protential’ LaPlante

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Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante is a 23 year old professional poker player who has already earned 1.3 million dollars in tournament winnings. He coaches no-limit holdem tournament strategy and his students have profited over a million dollars as a result of his coaching. Ryan charges $50 per hour, a bargain for a player of his skill level, and you can contact him email:, skype: protentialmn, or twitter: @protentialmn.


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Ryan is a heads up sit and go specialist, well respected coach, and the founder of the only poker training site to focus specifically on heads up sit and go tournaments at He has worked with hundreds of students, been mentioned in Colin Moshman’s book on heads up poker, and is a respected poster on twoplustwo under the name ChicagoRy. You can read reviews of Ryan’s coaching HERE. His hourly rates are a bargain at $80 per hour and he works via Skype and screen sharing, phone, or by making leakfinder videos from your hand histories. Contact Ryan at to schedule lessons.

Steven Costa aka SteveMatador

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Steve Costa started playing online, achieving top rankings for multi-table tournament and sit and go play before moving to the world of live poker. Steve has taken his success to the next level in live tournament play and also begun working with students. Steve’s rate of $50 per hour will go up soon (we’ve already advised him to raise his rates), so get in now. Coaching is done mostly online, and Steve will request hand histories that he can analyze to prepare for your lesson time.

Contact Info - or @stevematador on Twitter

Steven Lawrence

4 Reviews

Steven Lawrence left the practice of law in 2007 to become a full time professional poker player and coach. He works with students in No-limit and Pot-Limit Hold’em games as well as tilt control, the mental game, and the technology that online players need to use to survive.  Steven charges $100 per hour for his lessons using Skype and Mikogo (online meeting software).  With a degree in Computer Science (with a math minor!) and another in law, you can be sure he can help you with the math side of the game as well. Contact Steven at or read more about him at

Sunny Mehta

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Sunny is a well known cash game pro and co-author of Professional No-Limit Hold’em with Ed Miller and Matt Flynn and known as one of the world’s finest poker coaches. He only teaches no-limit Hold’em cash games, and offers live lessons in the New Orleans or lessons online via Skype. Contact him for details and pricing at

Tommy Angelo

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Tommy is widely seen as one the world’s top poker coaches and he is the author of Elements of Poker as well as a regular columnist for Bluff Magazine. After playing professionally for fifteen years, Tommy can teach any game at any stakes and his list of clients that incudes Phil Galfond, Jay Rosenkrantz, David Benefield, and other top players. He charges around $3,000 per day in either Las Vegas or Palo Alto California, but the depth of education you receive in that day is second to none, and we believe it is well worth the investment. You can contact Tommy and read about his coaching program in detail at