About the Site

If you want to improve your poker game and stay ahead of the curve in the modern era of poker, you need training. Poker strategy is ever-evolving and players must constantly work on their game or risk either falling behind or getting stuck at a certain level.


At Poker-Coach.com, we are looking to help you improve your game by providing you information on the best training resources on the internet. We don’t simply link out to oth

 er training sites, but instead we try to give you a comprehensive feel for the sites we feel are the best to help you improve your game. Also, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best poker training software that will help you improve your overall skill sets.

Our goal is to help you find the best poker coaching and get the most out of the coaching you choose to pay for. Poker lessons aren’t cheap and not all sites are equal. Don’t be fooled by elaborate claims by coaches that claim they can make you a guaranteed winner. Instead, look for coaching that will help you improve your core competencies to help you make better decisions.

When looking for poker coaching, you should look for three things. First, you want a coach that actually plays at the stakes you want to move up to. This way you know that their information is relevant to the game. Next, you want a coach that is flexible in teaching methods. Everyone learns differently and dynamic coaches can cater to the vast array of learning curves.

Lastly, you want a coach you can actually afford. The great thing about the poker training marketplace is that there are options for all bankrolls. The most expensive coach isn’t necessarily the best. At the same time, sometimes you get what you pay for. The key is finding the best value for your money and we try to help you find that.

In addition to poker training resources, we have also provided you information on some of the best legal online poker sites in the United States. Check out or reviews of these sites and take advantage of the signup bonuses at each one. If you live in an area where online poker is legal, this can allow you a fantastic opportunity to put the skills to use that you acquired through poker training.

Remember that in order to improve your game, you need to consistently work on your game. Poker coaching can help make a turn a break-even player into a winning player and help a winning play improve their hourly win rate. For many, coaching is the missing piece of the puzzle needed to become successful in poker. Results will vary, but many will find that the money invested in a coach is the best investment they can make into their poker career.