Resources for Poker Trainers

Every poker trainer does things a little differently, and we can probably all learn some things from each other, so if any of you have suggestions about things that might belong on this page, I welcome them. Anything that makes our lessons easier, or helps us teach more effectively, is welcome.

Skype – Most online trainers are using Skype, free software that allows you to talk on your computer as if it were a telephone, and share your screen with anyone who is in the call. Works for groups as well as individuals, and with a $20 USB headset the quality is very good. The screen sharing option has dropped TeamViewer off the radar of most trainers Because of the prohibitive pricing structure.

Holdem Manager – Our favorite tracking software, Holdem Manager will help you understand your own game as well as displaying a HUD (Heads Up Display) on the table for your opponents to help you understand how they play.

Leak Buster – This add-on software for Holdem Manager will help you find your mistakes and eliminate those expensive leaks from your game. Most players find that with 20,000 hands in a Holdem Manager database, Leak Buster can pick out a large number of leaks and help them increase their win rate significantly. A very useful tool, and one that should pay for itself very quickly for a serious online player.

PokerTracker – Poker Tracker helps you understand your own game with a huge number of reports as well as displaying a HUD on your opponents at the tables to help you understand how they play. Invaluable for online poker players.

Ace Poker Drills – Excellent software that helps you to calculate equity in any hand. A fine resource for beginning players looking to get serious about the game and start focusing on equity and expected value.

Gather Place – Great meeting software that is reasonably priced and works great for setting up group lessons. Share your screen as well as your voice, and pull up a whiteboard or annotate right over the work you are doing at any time. Great stuff and a lot less expensive than gotomeeting or similar competitors.

Team Viewer – Team Viewer allows you to view and even control your student’s desktop so you can watch them play or sort through their Poker Tracker statistics. They can also watch you play, and the set up is super simple with no hassle. There is a free version but it’s for non-commercial use, and I am sure giving poker lessons is a commercial use, though your students probably don’t need to pay for their version (I just have my students download the free version, I paid for mine). Buying Teamviewer costs $250 for 6 months or $699 for a lifetime license, and if you are giving lots of lessons it may worth it to have such an easy program to use, but most poker trainers have switched to using Skype screen sharing or GatherPlace.

Camtasia – This is the standard for making pokertraining videos from your desktop. I know what most of the major training sites use and it’s always Camtasia Studio. Sure, it’s $300 to buy, but there is a 30 day free trial to help you decide if you can actually get your money’s worth out of it, and if you have a gig with a training site it shouldn’t be a big expense for you to get the right recording and production software.

Snag It – Snag It is awesome screen capture software for taking snapshots of your desktop. It does everything that damn Print Screen button doesn’t. Great for preserving the table conditions to go with a hand history. There are free alternatives, but it’s only $25 when you buy it bundled with Camtasia and it’s well worth it.

Jing – Great free screen shot software that allows you to set up hot keys to take screen shots automatically or do it with the click of a mouse, and it captures all of the layers so your HUD numbers will show up too (some screen shot software won’t do this). From the same people who make Snag It and Camtasia, so you know it works and there is a good support staff behind it. This is the best free screen capture software we have found.

There’s more to come, but one of my favorite Razz fish just sat down at a 50/100 table…