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Ben Hayles is the king of low-limit tournaments, both single and multi-table and accepts students in both disciplines. Ben offers a free 30 minute consultation and charges only $50 per hour, a steal for the quality coaching that Ben offers. If you are playing micro or low-limit tournaments, Ben is probably your guy until you move up to the higher buy-in levels. Ben offers coaching in German or English via Skype or by email, and as a former teacher he knows how to help his students learn quickly and efficiently. Check his TopShark Stats or look up gamb64 on PokerStars on Sharkscope to see an impressive results graph. Contact Ben and to schedule a free consultation.

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  1. geoff0659 says:


    My name is Geoff and i live in the UK. I first contacted Ben as a beginner to the game of NLHE and i am glad i did.
    Ben is very patient and explains strategy very well. He began by helping me with my Heads up game and progressed to 9 player tourney’s on Pokerstars using a replayer.
    At the beginning it seemed that nearly every hand i played was ‘wrong’ and i took reams of notes. After a short while the original bad plays were gone and i was starting to reach the cash in more SNG’s.
    I think Ben is great value for money and i will still continue to contact him for help and advice.


  2. sonofafish says:

    Ben is an awesome player a great guy and an even better coach. He made a massive difference to my play in just 7 or 8 sessions and I’m now making a consistent 18% profit on low stakes SNGs. He’s a nice, friendly guy and I recommend him to anyone looking to improve there game. He’s patient, knowledgeable and has a whole lot to offer any player looking to advance there game to the next level. Thanks for all your help Ben!

  3. Willydog1 says:

    Ben Hayles, aka “gamb64”

    I first met Ben playing heads up on PokerStars (and losing almost every game) and although he was my opponent he started offering suggestion to improve my game.

    I started taking lesson shortly thereafter and have used Ben as my coach for several years now, which has improved my game significantly.

    Ben is easy to learn from, has a great understanding of the game, and will improve your play.

    I enjoy playing poker more than ever now thanks to Bens help, and highly recommend him if you want to improve your game.

  4. MrPedantic says:

    I first contacted Ben in March – having played 6max SNGs at $5s and $10s for a while with average/slightly above average returns I was keen to progress my game and take it more seriously.

    I had used a coach previously who, although being a good player, wasn’t a good coach – there’s a big difference between knowing how to play well and knowing how to teach someone else to play well. As such, I was slightly sceptical and I will admit that I was worried that as Ben’s coaching rates are so good, there may be a catch.

    Ben was quick to email back and get to know where I was with my game, as well as giving some initial pointers having done a scan of some of my hand histories.

    Ben’s coaching is top-notch – as he is someone who plays at that level professionally (check his stats for yourself) he knows his stuff. The other key point is – he knows how to teach as well (completely different skill).
    Ben’s use of Universal Replayer has been fantastic – much, much better value than live/ghosting coaching is and I’ve really got a lot out of it.
    We’ve identified the key leaks in my game and it has made a huge difference.

    During this month (April), the changes have really started to bed down and I’m currently $400 up with an ROI of 44%.

    I’ve also been impressed with the ‘after care’ (for want of a better expression) side of things – Ben’s been very helpful in replying to email queries or having a look at the odd hand history between sessions.
    The sessions have been tailored around me and my game rather than a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach.

    Money-wise Ben represents extremely good value for money and I highly recommend him.

    If you’re someone who hasn’t had poker coaching before and wants to take their game seriously, sessions with Ben will be a great investment and will definitely pay off.

  5. ShawnG18 says:

    I have been playing poker nearly 4 months now, I have been playing the $1 6 Max Sit N Goes and I was a break-even player.

    I started to search for a poker coach, I was looking everywhere and speaking to a lot of different coaches, they all seemed to be charging $100+, then I came across this website and seen Ben saw that his price was very good, so I sent him an email and got a response back very quick and had a free 30 minute consultation where we discussed my poker background and he described his and his coaching methods and what ones would suit me most. I was very impressed, better then the other coaches I contacted.

    I have had my first session which was a video review, I recorded myself playing 4 tables. I then sent Ben the video and got it back with his voice over, commentating on my plays, where I was going wrong and why, and what he would have done and why. I got this video back within 4 hours, Super Fast!

    I then watched it a couple of times and absorbed all of his information and then played a quick game. WOW what a difference, I didn’t get into any sticky situation like I normally did and even though I was card dead in the middle stage and was the small stack 3 handed (where I always used to either blind out or crash out) I came up to the middle stack and then got to heads up and won.

    Overall Ben in a TOP NOTCH coach, I would recommend him to anyone, my play has improved massively already, I am definetely going to have a lot more sessions with.

    If you are looking for a poker coach, look no further, send Ben an email now, I’m sure you play will improve massively like mine!

  6. kost says:

    i just fimished my sessions with Ben.
    i must say some things aout this guy. He was my first coach.
    From the first session we had he showed me so many leaks i had in my game. He helped me so much with the postflop play and he teached me the “winning” way to play. He is a very nice guy and he was always there to explain me everything even my english is terrible.
    He also gave me the confidence i need to face the game with the right way (aggresive) and stop playing so weak and passive.
    I liked he said to me that he wants to send him an email with my future progress in the game.

    I would reccomend this guy to everyone wants to learn many many things about poker and be a winner.
    I will definitely have some more sessions with him in the future to help me more to go up the levels of SNG’s.
    Thanks for all Ben.

  7. glasgowjim says:

    Ben’s style of coaching is simple & delivered in a way where he does not criticise bad play, but identifies it as opportunity to improve.
    Simple concepts were made easy, such as tight play in early position & my new favourite move: when to check raise.
    I moved from -5% to +2% ROI within a few weeks as a result of Ben’s teaching methods & can only say good things about his style, logic & ability to coach.

    Worth every penny

  8. Big Bad Wolf says:

    Ben is a great coach! My personal experience is that first I went from being a losing player, not horribly losing, but losing, and Ben led me first to be a consistently break even player. This was a great start after only a few weeks, when I’d see that I’d spent thousands of dollars in sit n go buyins without ever having to deposit more cash.

    Being in the United States, we communicated using Skype and with software so we may both view the same screen on our computers at the same time while we speak.

    After quite a few months, I’ve finally consistently become a winning player! It took awhile to get there for me, but now to consistently see profits every month is amazing. I must admit I often wondered if I had it in me, but Ben kept at it, focused on my weaknesses and turned me in to a profit player. Ben really takes time to ensure that you understand what he’s saying and is always ready to answer any questions, too.

    I tried other coaches before Ben with little success. I learned that just because you can play poker doesn’t mean you know how to TEACH it, and Ben is a great teacher. I got fortunate finding him, and obviously highly recommend him.

  9. Sinotek says:

    If your skeptical about hiring Ben as a coach please don’t be. His prices and teaching is something you can not pass. He will cover every aspect of poker and improve your areas in poker that you are not strong in. I recommend him 100% and even though I had to cut my coaching short because of problems with schedule. I really did love his teaching. He is worth the money I spent because I know in the long run I can make back the money in just a few SNG’s.

    Thanks Ben!!!!



  10. rraede says:

    I’ve been working with Ben for about 2 months now. Took me a couple of weeks to get organized around his guidance and get the system down, but since then I’ve cashed in 18 of 25 SNG’s I’ve played in, and more than doubled my starting bankroll. Ben is the man! And a nice guy, besides.

  11. johancederlund says:

    When i first realized that i was in need of a poker coach i listed the requirements that i wanted from him/her. First of all I wanted a coach that speaks English that was easy for me to understand as English isn’t my first language. Then he/she must of course be good at poker and have the ability to teach me. Ben adds up to all this by far. His English is very understandable so it was easy for me to understand him and take part in any discussions. He is really good in poker and explains poker in a very easy and understandable way. Ben is also very nice as a person so I always felt I could ask him everything without feeling stupid. Every lesson was fun and it felt like I was talking to a friend. When we set the goals for 45 persons SNG we started with 7% to 10% in ROI. After 300 tournaments after the last lesion I have a ROI of 39%. Ben has had a huge impact on my game and consulting Ben has been a great investment for me. I can strongly recommend Ben for anyone wanting to improve their poker.

  12. Andy says:

    Hi Ben,

    I want to learn how to play poker professionally. I want to travel and be able to earn money online. My experience has been playing Texas Holdem games at University. I have never played Omaha.

    I need your help to figure which game I am best suited to (Hold’em/ Omaha etc) to reach these goals. I also have little idea of strategy etc.


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