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Fox is a jack of all trades in the poker world, writing for PocketFives and Poker Pro magazine as well as being the head cash game instructor at PokerXFactor and a member of the pro team at the Poker Pros Network. He has also recently published the book No Limits: The Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem. Fox teaches via Skype and in person in Minnesota, and charges $125 per hour for instruction on a large range of games including Texas Holdem, Omaha High-Low, Razz, HORSE, and can help with poker theory, cash games, tournaments or sit and go play. Contact Fox at

Check out No Limits: the Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem, the book he wrote with Adam Stemple.

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  1. meijin says:

    Chris “Fox” Wallace is one of the smartest people that I have ever met. And I do not say that at all lightly. In my “prior life”, I worked with many very highly educated and trained technical people. It only takes a few moments of speaking with Chris to realize that you are dealing with someone that is thinking on a different level than you are…and usually about 3 steps ahead of you!

    My first training session with Chris was well over a year ago. At that point, I was working hard at grinding out SnG’s. I had first become aware of Chris through an online training site he was associated with as a guest instructor. I found his videos to be highly informative and extremely helpful. From there I found the training site that Chris ran and immediately joined there. Shortly thereafter, I got my first training session with Chris. As we finished the session, I told Chris that he had given me so much information that he made my head hurt. And I ment that literally! It really was just amazing. I was able to progress to the point where I guit my job in March of 2008 and started on the path of making a living grinding out SnGs, playing tournaments and the occasional cash game (all in NLH). I have had a few sessions since then and have managed to sustain myself for a year now.

    Not only is Chris able to take you through the intricate details of the game(s) in question, he is also able to help you with the life of being a professional player…if that is your interest. Must have software tools, setting up the best rake back to maximize profits, taxes, money management (in and out of the games), psychological issues, etc. And not only that, Chris is an excellent teacher. I have met alot of smart and talented people and they were absolutely terrible in regards to teaching the skills that they have. Chris seems to be that rare exception. His ability to clearly and accurately communicate the skills that he has is a real plus and is but one of his innate talents.

    Several months ago, I began to realize that the NLH world is a much more difficult place to earn a living. I took the advice of many people that I respect, including Chris, and began to expand into other games. Primarily Razz and PLO, as well as HORSE. Being a member on a few sites where Chris was or is an instructor, I was able to get a hold of many of his videos that I have ignored in the past. Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, Razz, HORSE, Limit Hold’em, PLO and Limit Hold’em. I studied then in depth, watching many of them numerous times as well as making and keeping copious notes on each of the games. And I have been able to put all of that work to good use. In my very first HORSE tournament, I was able to take it down and finish in first place! In my second HORSE tournament, I was able to run the tables I was on to the very end, never dropping below 8th through the first four hours and most of that was spent in the top three places. I went on to end up in 7th (what to hear a good bad beat story? LOL!) and was very happy with my performance. I can honestly say that many of the principles that Chris taught are what saw me through two excellent finishes. Because of Chris, I was able to navigate my way through two very tough tournaments and was able to dodge numerous pitfalls that I saw my competitors frequently fall to.

    The bottom line? If you are looking for a good poker coach, I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I hate to say it because I am sure Chris will be reading this, but he does not charge near enough for the advice and training that he is able to impart. You will certainly be getting much more than what you are paying for. Don’t wait any longer! Get in there with Chris and take your game to the next level!

  2. skzb says:

    Fox is one of those irritating, annoying, disgusting people who is just sort of good at whatever he decides to do. Fortunately, he wears it well. In the course of turning me from a losing player to a winning player in online hold’em tournaments (along with Hatfield13), what I figured out is Fox’s particular skill is being able to express complex ideas in clear, simple terms. No, there isn’t any such thing as a formula for winning poker (SAGE excepted, of course), but getting the concepts down in straightforward, understandable language that instantly connects is worth a lot. In dollars.

  3. Fox says:

    Thought I would post a few of the reviews from my other site here –

    From Michael (meijin)

    Well, I just got done with a 4 hour private session with Fox that worked strictly on SnG’s. Wow! I think my head is going to explode! LOL! I will write up a more full review with comments and observations from the student side this weekend, but I did want to jump in an say how much I learned from my time spent with him and how much I think it will mean to me in both the long term and the short term. If you are thinking of spending some time with him, I highly recommend it…


    From C_U_F()ld

    I thought I was good at this whole poker game thing, but I was wrong. Fox is good. I thought I was aggressive and could fold a hand, but poker is so much more complex than I thought it was. Sometimes I was doing exactly the wrong thing, and Fox taught me how to use his methods to really understand a hand and what my opponents were thinking. I was making about $2k per month the last few months, but after investing $300 with Fox I have made over $9,200 in the last 46 days. That money was sure well spent. Don’t take lessons with Fox, it will make you better and then I won’t take your money as fast. In fact, Fox don’t print this!


    From Peter Dove, semi-pro from the U.K. -

    Hi All,

    Just had a days lesson with Fox and I thought I would share my impressions with you all.

    1) Chris is pretty clear with his explanations and has explanations for everything that is done. One never gets the impression something is done because he felt like it!

    2) His style is tight/aggressive. And his aggression is very well placed and again with good reason based on various factors which are explained.

    3) He explains hand selections well in relation to position and also how and when to use position to your advantage.

    4) bets sizes are also covered along with when to FOLD ( very important!)

    I got to watch Chris play and have him watch me play.

    I have had several lessons from various people and rate Chris as the best poker coach I have had. I think he did an immense amount of good for my play. I teach Dressage for a living ( my wife and I run an equestrian centre ) and a lot of my own skill lies in coaching people and understanding the learning process. One of the key skills a coach must have is that they lift the veil from the path of progression. What I mean by this, is that the pupil should gain a good idea how to improve their own game whilst away from the instructor AND they should be able to see the direction their improvement needs to take. Chris fulfilled this admirably and I can’t wait until I can afford a weeks training.

    What I would imagine a weeks training would achieve is to ingrain useful poker ideas and habits, increase the range of plays available and improve on ones understanding of position, reading opponents and how to work on ones own game. Maybe Chris can make some comment on this.

    Hope this helps people considering Chris for lessons.



    From Sumnut -

    I recently had a privilege of a personal lesson from Fox and let me tell you it was by far the most illuminating poker experience I ever had. Not only can Fox play, he can also teach.

    Like many beginner players I have been struggling with my game and basically breaking even. I guess that is not that bad considering that many players are consistently loosing but I wanted to graduate to the small elite of wining players and unfortunately could not find a way to do it on my own. I have read and reread some of the popular books on the game but they all seemed to get me only to a certain point beyond which I could not progress.

    After joining PokerFox site I decided to take the next step and sing up for a private lesson. Arranging a lesson was very easy through email and the date was set. I was very nervous before we started, it seamed as if I was asking Tiger Woods to teach me how to play golf but the experience was nothing like that. Right from the beginning Fox seemed like an old friend who knows how to play poker and was going to share a lot of his secrets with me and he did.

    The most important lesson I learned was how to think about the game, how to teach myself by analyzing my play. Playing good poker is hard work and it requires a lot of experience but it can be a lot of fun and very profitable if you approach it in the right way.I would definitely recommend “a day with Fox” to all aspiring players who want to improve their poker skills.

    Thank you Fox for sharing your time and experience.

    - —————————————————————————————————–

    From Jeff K, (plays online as Toadlicker)

    Fox is flat out amazing! I was a solid player before my lessons with Fox, and I was getting really good at beating the 30+3 single table tournaments, but he got my game to the next level. After three lessons I feel like a master of single table tournaments, and I’m beating the 100+9 single tables on 3 different sites with a 24% ROI. I didn’t even know what ROI was before I took lessons with Fox!

    Thanks for the help Fox, I’ll be back for more lessons very soon.

    jason Z // April 26, 2009 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    I scheduled my first session with Fox about 10 months ago and after a few months and several lessions later I started crushing the cash games winning over 1k a week for the past 6 months playing part time! I’ve learned so much about bankroll managemnt, game theory and utilizing the programs that are available to assist my game. Thanks Fox!

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