Daniel James Warburton

Daniel James Warburton is a MENTAL GAME COACH who specialises in helping MICRO-STAKES and BEGINNER Players progress.

Prices reflect this at just $30 per hour with the first hour free.

Poker players often have to deal with an unstable mind that may cause tilt and other problems at the table. This can seriously affect your game. As a Mental Game Coach, Daniel James Warburton is an expert in the area of resolving unconscious conflicts and reprogramming your mind to function better at the tables (saving you money and reducing your mistakes).

Educated in Psychology and as a Social Science Researcher up to a Masters level (BSc Psychology, MSc Research Methods). He has already helped many people become more aware of their mental game and make significant progress.

For more information or to book a 10 minute intro call followed by your free 1 hour, please contacting him using his website:

http://www.danieljameswarburton.com/start-coaching.html or email Daniel@danieljameswarburton.com.

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