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Steven Lawrence left the practice of law in 2007 to become a full time professional poker player and coach. He works with students in No-limit and Pot-Limit Hold’em games as well as tilt control, the mental game, and the technology that online players need to use to survive.  Steven charges $100 per hour for his lessons using Skype and Mikogo (online meeting software).  With a degree in Computer Science (with a math minor!) and another in law, you can be sure he can help you with the math side of the game as well. Contact Steven at or read more about him at

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  1. clutchcity says:

    Of all the players I talk to, no one comes up with more detailed read then Steven. Clutch City/StoneTemplPilot

  2. TOTEMs says:

    Steven has helped me transition from the micros to 100nl. I have become a solid winner in that game thanks in large part to steven coaching sessions. He can break down a hand history street by street and show you angles yet considered.

    Imo, coaching in general pays for itself many times over and choosing Steven would be a great fit for many players moving up from lower stakes. He can help you with adjustments and new concepts.


  3. rubbarose says:

    Steven has been a student of the game since I met him three years ago. His mental side of the game and precise perspective on mathmatically odds and game theory has improved my game greatly. If I were to ever take up the cash game for a living I would sign up with steven in a heartbeat. When I think of poker minds steven always comes to mind.

  4. ken1111ken says:

    Steven Lawrence is a devastatingly effective poker coach. Hire him while you can. And after you do, don’t sit at my table! For background, I am primarily a mid (sometimes higher) stakes live NLH player. I play online to hone my decision making, situational analysis, pattern recognition and, of course, to complement my live-game earnings. I left behind a career in corporate america to become a poker professional. I have been building my game for years – working with mentors, reading, watching countless online shadowing videos, etc etc etc. I am a net winner, but had too much volatility in my game. And now that I’m doing this for a living, those down swings have to be less steep, while growing bigger on the upside. After working with Steven, everything about my game has changed. Here’s an example of what I mean and I think you’ll be able to identify with the feeling. You’re playing poker and there’s this one guy who seems to just know what you have…or that his hand is better than yours…or how much you’ll pay to make him prove he has the best hand…or how much to bet, which street and the exact betting pattern to employ to make you fold because you know you’re beat or think you are or aren’t quite sure. So you either muck in frustration or pay him off. And, of course, he always seems to have the nuts. Of course, I’ve never had that feeling, but I’m sure you have! : ) Seriously, though, we’ve all had sessions or moments like that where we know we’re being outplayed. And if you want to be a winning player, a great player or a professional, you have to learn what’s really happening in the game. How to make those situations consistently fall in your favor; how to have the chips regularly flow in your direction and how to course-correct those times when things just aren’t working. We need to learn how to make your opponents consistently play your game, by our rules, so we always have the advantage. After working with Steven, I am now that kind of player. Not every session, not against every player all the time. But after working w/ Steven initially and over a consistent stretch of time, my game has completely transformed. His coaching style is relentless. He doesn’t preach – he takes the time to learn about you, your style, how you want to play – and once he understands your profile, he helps you completely deconstruct and rebuild your game. As a result, you’ll be able to play the style that’s best suited for you, the one you have always naturally employed, but now you’ll do so in a profitable manner. And you’ll do so consistently. The game will flow more easily. You’ll be faced with less difficult decisions more frequently, while your opponents will be faced with increasingly difficult choices more frequently. As a result of Steven’s coaching, extraordinary precision and unique ability to bring the arcane nuances of poker to a conscious level, I am finally beginning to realize my poker potential. Looking forward, as my opponents continue to adjust to my evolving style, I will continue to seek Steven’s counsel and guidance on the new patterns developing and the most effective way to exploit those counter measures. So, in summary, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you should hire Steven as your poker coach. And once you do, let’s make sure to avoid each other at the tables. Happy Hunting!

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