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Lou Krieger

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Lou Krieger is one of the most prolific poker writers in the world, authoring 11 best selling books on the game as well as hundreds of articles both online and in print. Lou can help with almost any type of limit poker, including all of the Stud games as well as Omaha and Holdem. Fixed-limit Holdem in Live card rooms is one of Lou’s specialties, and his most well known books were written on beating lower limit Holdem games. Lou loves to deal with students face to face in the Palm Springs area, but can also work over Skype or on the phone. His rates are $130 per hour and you can contact him at

Brandon Jarrett

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Brandon Jarrett is an up-and-coming  live tournament player with over $200K in live tournament winnings, including 2 outright wins, and 8 Final Tables. Brandon’s tournament style  is very aggressive – he doesn’t min-cash!  All of his prize money is in the top tier and his techniques can get you there too.  Brandon’s online accomplishments include multiple wins in Full Tilt $24+2 MTT’s, which he believes they are the best value on the net.  Brandon was recently selected by Poker Pros Network as a Team Member and is represented by the Poker Player’s International Agency.  Contact him on Skype (tenbigblinds) or on his website – Brandon also offers heads up sit and go coaching.

Mark Scellato (MScell)

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Mark Scellato is an instructor with PokerXFactor, and has been a full time online tournament pro for two years. A focus on a solid tournament game that works at any buy-in level has allowed him to help over 50 students to tournament success, and earned him a reputation as a fine poker coach. Mark charges $125 per hour for coaching via Skype or telephone, and you can contact him at Take a look at Mark’s $360,000 in tournament cashes on PokerStars -HERE-.

Steven Lawrence

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Steven Lawrence left the practice of law in 2007 to become a full time professional poker player and coach. He works with students in No-limit and Pot-Limit Hold’em games as well as tilt control, the mental game, and the technology that online players need to use to survive.  Steven charges $100 per hour for his lessons using Skype and Mikogo (online meeting software).  With a degree in Computer Science (with a math minor!) and another in law, you can be sure he can help you with the math side of the game as well. Contact Steven at or read more about him at

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker

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Dr. Schoonmaker is a highly regarded expert on tilt control. If you need a poker-playing psychologist to help you to cope with the ups and downs of our game without losing your mind (most of us do), then Al is the coach for you. He is the author of four books and over 100 articles on poker psychology. He coaches only on poker psychological subjects such as avoiding tilt, assessing yourself and the competition, developing your abilities, and coping with losing streaks. Dr. Schoonmaker charges $150 per hour, and you can contact him at

Sunny Mehta

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Sunny is a well known cash game pro and co-author of Professional No-Limit Hold’em with Ed Miller and Matt Flynn and known as one of the world’s finest poker coaches. He only teaches no-limit Hold’em cash games, and offers live lessons in the New Orleans or lessons online via Skype. Contact him for details and pricing at