Clint “LOSCHED16″ Losch

Clint has played SNG tournaments from 6max up to 180 players for a portion of his living for a years online, and has recently begun taking students. He takes students at a rate of $50 per week and uses his degrees in economics and mathematics to help his students develop a complete understanding of the math involved in sit and go tournaments. You can contact Clint for more information or to book a lesson time at or on Skype as losched16.

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  1. ThatsItGoOn says:

    Have been getting coaching from Clint for a couple of months now. Clint offers superb value for money SNG coaching.
    As well as having been successful at the game himself he is able to communicate that knowledge and experience to help others improve their game.
    I have recently made the move from regular speeds to turbo, Clint has been instrumental in helping me become a profiting player.
    A unique benefit of being coached by Clint from is the weekly group study sessions that all students are invited to (other people can attend for a charge). This is done via Skype/Mikogo and is always a great learning experience; not just from the subjects Clint covers but from hearing the opinions of others.
    We also have a Skype group where players can discuss hands, progress etc.

    Clint has always been supportive and quick to get back to me with queries etc.
    If you’re after someone who is great at the game, great at coaching too and you want to work on your SNG game I can’t rate him highly enough. His rates offer fantastic value.

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